Expenditure Control.
Ensure appropriate billing and prevent over-servicing

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How medical treatments can be better managed

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Medical Advisory. Reduce over medication, duplication and reduce wastage

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Benefits to the HR or Insurer

  1. Contain uncontrolled & unwarranted medical expenses
  2. Making healthcare delivery accountable
  3. Easy Single platform for access to medical bills and records
  4. Customisable Employee Benefits
  5. Integrated systems for seamless member & information management
  6. Reduced HR Administrative Workload
  7. Single Payment Mechanism for Finance
  8. Data driven analytics to better understand medical trends within the company

Unraveling The Myth of Obesity & Diabetes


Second Medical Opinion


How medical treatments can be better managed

Medical Bill Audit


Audit of medical claims are essentially performed to prevent and control overcharging by medical practitioners and establishments



Years, Our experience in serving various companies for the past 25 years enables us to come up with unique solutions to your needs.


Medical Provider Network. We are collaborating with a network of more than 4,000 strong medical providers nationwide to allow easy and safe cashless access.


HEALTHCARE PARTNER, for insurers, brokers, agents & corporates

Case Studies


Patient presented herself with referral from GP with Right Hypocondrial Pain. Admission Request was sent with no imaging reports and no plan to perform ultrasound but with treatment plan to perform Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy (Gall Bladder Removal).

Medical Review Team Action:

Review of admission request form showed that patient had no chronic illness, claims history showed no prior incidences that could lead to Cholecystitis. Therefore, requested for Ultra Sound of Gall Bladder.

Final Outcome:

Ultrasound report showed no evidence of Gall Bladder inflammation. Liver was normal with no lesions or calculi. Pancreas and Spleen was normal. Patient was treated as outpatient and send home. 

Total Saving

Total Saved was a Gall Bladder and RM 7,000.

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